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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I would like to apologise to my furrends.. I haven't been posting much and have alot of catching up on the blogs..

Mommy has been very busy trying to find work.. I mean.. what could be more important than my blog? work is sooo boring.. poor mom had a hard time finding one which suits her degree and line of experience..

So enough about boring mom..

Meet SkYe..
He is my pawrents' 1st baby.. but I'm more cuter than he is. He's my friend (sort of). He doesn't like me shedding fur inside and I have to stay in my carrier.. but sometimes when he is in the mood, he lets me come out.

SkYe is here before I did.. my pawrents never got to bless him in the church when he is new. He's almost 2 years old. His buffday is November 8, 2005.
So we went to church and had him blessed.. We met the priest "Father Zaki". He's very nice. He gave me zananas!
See that priest in white? He also sprayed me with holy water.. so I'm blessed too.. hehe!
Daddy was recording the whole event.. he was ordered to open the doors, the hood...
Skye's best pal is there too.. I was told she (yes, the car is a she) was named "Christine".

See that maroon car next to Skye? That guy is her owner. The one in brown.

she also had her hood open too.. see the priest?

So I'm at the bench near Skye while the ceremony was taking place.

I went near him once the ceremony was over.. I wonder if it hurt or might change him.. so I'm a bit scared to come out.
So when I see he's still the same Skye.. we have our picture taken. See the resemblance?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Madinat Jumeirah

Hi! I hope everypawdy had a great weekend.

Daddy and Mommy brought me to Madinat Jumeirah.

Where we met Daddy's friend FouadThinking of somepawdy?
Hmm.. what's showing in the theatre?

Can I have tickets please..

What's that clicking sound?Oh.. it's you mommy!
Who are all these people?

So.. where are you taking me Daddy?(Mommy: can you two please look at the camera?)

okay okay.. let's give mom a break..

Hey Dad! what are you doing in there?
Gee.. Dad sure takes furever..

Now, where are you going again dad?I had so much fun!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Prize Pets.. a bit of news article on me!

Hello my furrends..

Remember I won in the Most Adorable Pet on the "Pets on Parade" event?

Mom got a look into the news today and our names are there.. although both are spelled wrong..

so the Toffee is spelled Tofi and Mom Irvi was spelled Ervy.. oh well! there's no pictures of us too.. so I'm a bit disappointed. Just that dumb monkey who peed on his owner's back.. sheesh

plus they haven't mentioned anything about Snowy and other winners too. We have a group picture in the end and they didn't post that.

I have heard that the Arab News has more photos but we never got to read one because we can't understand arabic. I'm sure they would have done a better job than Gulf News.
please click HERE to read more..

Sunday, August 19, 2007

My 1st Pupsicle..

In this heatwave.. I tried what most of my furrends do.. eat some icecream..

For me it's pupcicles..

Is that a superdelish pupsicle? raaaaaa... let me at ém

Take the first sniff and licks..
waaah it's sooo cold and yummy!

Go for sideways..
And lick..Slurp..
sllllllllllllluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrppp! yumyum!
C'mon let's go and ask our pawrents for this yummy treat! it IS a scorching hot weather! I want more more more!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Pets in Pawrade!

Finally.. Daddy said "yes"!

To make sure he kept his word.. I went with him to his office.

We arrived at almost 6! They said it starts at 6.. good thing they waited for most of us. Since hoomans have work today.

Then my pawrents tried to put my harness and leash. Then they realised something. They can't find my leash Mommy LOST my leash! she must have lost in it the mall. (we tried looking home when we got back but it wasn't there anymore too. I kinda loved that leash because it goes long and short plus a stopper which is the longest leash available too..)

So mom and dad were arguing where the heck is the leash since I need to be guided. So Mommy went to one of the booth where they sell animals and "borrowed" their leash. Mommy looked so proud of herself and poked her tongue out at dad.

Here I am.. wondering where Snowy and Crystal would be. I'm wearing my striped sailor suit.
I don't know anypawdy.. I hope they come soon.. oh! this will be my pawstume also for the "Bond" pawty!

Oh! there they are with their Mommy Kat! Wowf! Snowy looks dashing in his tux!

Crystal is soooo bootiful in her polka dot dress!

we TRIED getting a group photo..

Oh well.. next they tried on me and Snowy..

Snowy's not looking..

Now I'M not looking..Finally! Daddy wasn't able to get pictures but only videoed the whole event. I tried for the Most Adorable Pet contest and the Best Dressed contest.

I was kind of okay when I'm almost at the stage. Then I heard loud music! I hate loud music so I freaked out right on the stage. Mom doesn't know what to do and then just carried me to the stage..

I won the 1st prize for the Most Adorable Pet! I can't believe it! even my pawrents can't believe it. Snowy won for the Best Dressed.

Lookie I won a small box and a big big box.

I opened the big big box and checked what's inside.. hmm chocodate.. it's not allowed for us to have one so I gave it to mom and dad..
Other stuff..

then I opened the small box..
Wowf! I won a Mobile Phone!
Daddy took a look at MY phone..
Hey Dad! Can I have MY phone back? I want to call my furrends!