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I'm a very sweet, cuddly male Shih Tzu here in Dubai, U.A.E. and I love Daddy and Mommy!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I want my bone!

I have some chew bones which my pawrents are hiding from me. I keep asking them where it is. "WHERE ARE MY BONES?!"They ignored me.. so I keep on pestering them.. following them around so I can get my bones..
Ah.. finally! there it is! now I have to jump to get it.
Hahahahaha! I got the bone! my high jumping skills paid off
yum yum.. now I can munch on my bone in peace.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I have been MIA for soo long.. so I will from time to time place some flashbacks of what I'm doing.

In Dubai, we have cold season during December, back then I still have my long hair.

I went to the park with mom and dad.. I want to sniff everything! including daddy's feet.
I love to play with my rubber ball. although the squeekee got lost.. wonder who took it.. mom said I bit it too hard.. hmph!

Even though.. I still had fun chasing it..

Everytime we come here, we get approached by locals. They are saying "fine.. fine.. law.." though there are no poster showing "no toffee allowed" they want us out of the park..

even if I am on my bestest behavior.. so here's me trying to look cute.. maybe it will work..

It DIDN'T! so we got chucked out of the park.. it was dark by then anyway.. so we went home!

I'm sure with the stubbornest of my pawrents.. we'll be back again soon in that park!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Ohhhhh.... my... gosh!
It's been like... 4 months since my last post...

Quick feedback and why it happened:
1. Jan - mom still didn't find job.. but very busy finding one
2. Feb - mom found job and got very busy turnover of her works
3. Mar - started her new job and very busy.. again
4. April - getting into the routine but STILL very busy..

I'm glad my furrends still remember me... sorry mom's very busy hogging the computer all the time..

I'm sure you will be surprised to see me...

I'm a bit bushy now because it's summer and pretty darn hot.. like a blast furnace in Dubai.. so my pawrents took me for grooming..

We went to Uptown Mirdiff and check out the shops there.

Backseat on "moo" (my pawrents non-furry new pet) with my new friends.

We went to the mall and found Paws and Claws petshop.. they like the Pom.. pom... uh.. that white puppy.. but were shocked to find out that the price was 12,000AED!!!! about 3000$$$$$$

I saw something moving inside that small aquarium.. wonder what that is...

yooo hoooooooooooo.. anybody home??? I poked my head inside that doghouse..

yowza!!!!!! I found a chest full of treasures!

I'll tell more on my next post! I missed you guys!

oh, I got my yearly shots today also plus renewed my Tag.. My pawrents didn't get picture because it may not be allowed. I didn't even flinched. =)