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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Happy Birfday Daddy!

First of all, I'm sorry that my cards will be late... the post office is closed due to the Eid holidays.. but! I hope you'll still enjoy them. I am soooo embawassed...
Still, mommy has to find work.. so I'm putting it on top of my christmas list.. because once mom get this work thing figured out then the next wish of treats will come true.. plus I have to get some gifties to my furrends especially with my best pal Huskee's wedding!
So now.. it's my Daddy's birfday! he claims it's unfair because his birfday and xmas gifts are together.. so I give him extra licks...
I wuf daddy.. he let's me wrestle with him..
He grooms me everyday..He let's me search for whatever it was in his hair..

And he takes me wherever he goes.. if possible.. even those not allowed for me..

I wuf you Daddy! Happy Birfday + Mewwy Christmas!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

I've been Tagged!

Huskee and Prince tagged me to share 8 random facts about myself:
Rules: List eight ( 8 ) random facts about yourself. Tag eight people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them ). Let them know they've been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

1) I love eating bananananas, papples, veggies (NO ONE BELIEVES ME) like lettuce, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes
2) I like attention, but only from hoomans. I get scared of other dogs...
3) I always.. eat sleep.. eat sleep! but I like it when they ask me to do the chasing the toys thing
4) I keep my toys neatly arranged BEFORE.. now I'm placing them wherever I want to.
5) I adore tummy tummy rubbbbbbbbbbbbs! and having my ears scratched..
6) I whine when I want something and even if I don't want something.. like a bath..
7) I hate it when people mistake me as a GIRL... but they still ask though.
8) I jump into my bag EVERYTIME and stay there until my pawrents take me along with them. No wonder they get into trouble sneaking me in "no dogs" allowed places.
I think I'm a bit late in this post.. so now I tag everybody who's not been tagged yet.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

My 1st Grooming Session

Hello pals!

I keep on apologizing for not being able to blog. I'm very happy that everypawdy still remember's me.

I had my 1st grooming session. I think it's alot of torture for a hefty amount of money

Here I am at the grooming table (punishing area)


Are those my hair? careful with that scissor!

After the cutting.. a bath!

Then dry....

Voila! new Toffee look... waitaminit! After that gruelling hours of torture.. I still look the SAME!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mommy went to South Africa..

First of all, I'm sorry I wasn't able to blog much these past weeks.. months..

Mommy went off to South Africa for a business trip and she's very busy ignoring me!

So I keep hoping mom would get the whole "work" thing figured out soon or I'm going on strike.

So I tried the sad look...

The I will ignore you look..

The grumpy look...

wah.. don't leave me!!!

Mommy will be gone for a whole week! I hope she won't exchange me for a lion...

Monday, October 1, 2007

The verdict?

I asked the Judge a.k.a. Dad for another hearing..

Hello my pals!
I humbly approached the judge a.k.a. dad bringing only a piece of paper.

Judge (Dad): what is this?
Toffee: this is a petition from my friends initiated by my bestest buddy Huskee Boy
Judge (Dad): so this Huskee Boy and your furrends made a petition to release you from jail?
Toffee: yes your Judgeship
Judge (Dad): (scans the document) do you think I'll pardon you because of this?
Toffee: uhm... yes?
Judge (Dad): what if I don't?
Toffee: my furrends will rescue me and organise for a massive breakout.
Judge (Dad):............
Toffee: and it won't look good for your image if that happens right?
Judge (Dad): are you threatening me?
Toffee: uhm... yes?
Judge (Dad): oh.. uhm... okay.. I will release you from jail..
Here is me when I got out of jail.. I'm still okay.. but I think I really looked like an ex-convict now..
Don't worry.. I'm still the same lovable Toffee..
I'll have more blogs to catch up on!
I miss you my furrends~!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I laughed my furry head off!

Since I'm sentenced to jail.. I was allowed to have 5 minutes a day to see my furrends.. rush rush rush..

Thank you for all you suppawt.. I can't wait to see the Judge's face when he reads the petition of my furrends.

Oh, I want to show this video I saw in youtube.. This made my day..

I hope you can view this..

Halp! I'm in jail!

I ask for help from my doggie pals, GG and Moosie.

I have been taken to the highest court for my judgement.

Judge (dad): Do you solemnly swear that you will tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
Toffee: yes your Dadship.

Judge (dad): a complaint has been given, stating that you have peed and pooped at the (reads the document again) uh.. Big big bed while no one was in the bedroom?

Toffee: no! I can't climb the big big bed

Judge (dad): we have exhibit A

Judge (dad): do you recognise this?

Toffee: yes, uh.. that's the box I won from the Pets on Pawrade Contest.

Judge (dad): you have used this as an accomplice so you can climb the big big bed. Is it correct?

Toffee: uhhh... uhhh.. umm.. I might have used that.. gulp..
Judge (dad): then the box toppled over and you don't know how to get down so you soiled the big big bed.
Toffee: waah! I just want to see the big big bed.. I got scared and I can't go down.
Judge (dad): so you admit you did commit the crime?
Toffee: I can't help it.. I don't know how to get down and I feel soo excited being in the big big bed..
Judge (dad): you have commited a crime.. and therefore you must be punished.

Toffee: no no no! I'm still underaged.. help help! I didn't mean it
Judge (dad): for that I order for a LIFE PEN SENTENCE and ban you from the big big bed and the room.

Toffee: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

My furrends, please help me. I want to go back in the room with the big big bed. Help me convince the Judge a.k.a. Dad.Oh poor me..
I plead to you my furrends...

I'll be depending on you to save me from this cold cruel cell.. you're my only hope..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Toffee I Scream...!

it's sooo scorching hot these days..
I saw my pawrents with a box.. what's that?Is that what I think it is? woah.. that's "I scream!" Toffee caramel i scream!

Gimme gimme gimme!this is soooo delish! yum yum yum!

Burp! excuse me.. have to learn table manners.. ice cream still dripping.. need to wash up now.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chilli's Adoption Day Pawty!

hey my furrends!

Chilli's going to have an adoption day pawty! Check this out! after this will be Bailey's and Asta's Barkday next weekend.. Wow! we'll have a busy weekend.. partying and stuff!

well.. I'm going in my striped shirt ready for the beach..

lookie me.. I'm panting.. I hope to get lotsa pina coladas!

pee es: Sorry I'm a bit slow in blogging lately, mommy had been very busy lately so she's hogging the puter all the time. Hope you won't forget me.

Friday, September 7, 2007

My new Camera!

okay okay.. so it's my pawrent's camera.. but since I'm always their model then it is MY camera.

I'm still upset over them not bringing me to the GITEX so I could give my paws (thumbs) up over their selection.
GITEX is a yearly event here in U.A.E. wherein all electronics would have some promotions.

Here is one article in 7 days news:

Have your wallets at the ready

This year’s GITEX Shopper will be held from September 6 to 12, and is expected to attract over 135,000 potential consumers from across the Middle East. Visitors will range from IT professionals to end users, tech-savvy enthusiasts to trade buyers, as well as students and discerning bargain-hunters.

One of the biggest draws during this year’s event promises to be the newly added ‘Leisure and Lifestyle Electronics’ section, which is expected to attract a wider audience. “Lifestyle electronics is a sign of the times, and it makes perfect sense to accommodate this new segment in this year’s event,” said Helal Saeed Al Marri, director general of the Dubai World Trade Centre.The event will be held at Airport Expo Dubai and the timing will be extended by an hour on every day of the show, say organisers.

sooo... my pawrents had their plastic ready.. they wanted to have a good camera and it seems every month there's a new one coming.

they bought this one..

Nikon D80.. hmm.. this looks bigger than the old camera.. I heard it cost's a fortune.. could be worth my yearly amount of kibbles..

they think that it's like a one time investment thing.. and rather buying a new digicam every year, would be better to just buy lenses.. though I've heard lenses cost so high too.

So they are happy with the new toy. Dad is going to study it and hopefully get some good shots of me, right?

This is their 1st picture of me.. this is before my bath.. how come this camera shows all my dirty detail??? hmph!

Another one.. now after the bath.. no wonder I look so sad..
I got very curious of that new flashy thing...
Me and my bone.. chewed most of it..
Oh yeah.. I'm gonna be a supaw model..

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My trip to Fujeirah Beach..

Last weekend.. me, my pawrents and their friends went for a road trip to Fujeirah..

They woke me up at 4 a.m.! even the birds are not yet awake.. sheesh!
I'm still sleepy!

The sun is coming up now...
Wake me up when we get there ok.. I'm going back to sleep.

Finally! we are here..
I was like.. "woah!!!"
My pawrents are excited to get to the beach... Hey! I think you forgot someone!
I think my beach shirt matches the beach mat.
Very windy..
I wanna go for a swim!
Can you see me.. I'm that black dot..
I love to swim.. I hope you can see me now..
I think I look scary here..

Dryin up..I went to the sandy area and rubbed myself in the sand.. mom wasn't able to get a picture of me doing it.
They let me alone to roam the beach.. then they saw 2 crows above me. Dad was yelling for mom to get me. Mom said it was only 2 crows.. then while saying it.. a big flock of crows.. like 20 of them were circling me like vultures..
you should have seen mom running so fast like she was on an olympic race contest.. grabbing a handful of sand and throwing at those big black bad birds!
Me? I don't even know what was happening.

So.. they let me roam free again because all those pesky birds are gone.. they've spoken too soon..those mean old birds are hiding in the trees! When they saw I'm alone again, they all got out and tried to attack me! so mom ran again to me and scooped me up before those bad birdies flew me away.. otherwise.. you.. my furrends won't see me again..
When it was 9 a.m... we went home.. the sun is so hot by then.
Even the sands became a bit reddish.. not that clear here though.

Goodbye beach.. see you again soon!