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I'm a very sweet, cuddly male Shih Tzu here in Dubai, U.A.E. and I love Daddy and Mommy!

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mommy went to South Africa..

First of all, I'm sorry I wasn't able to blog much these past weeks.. months..

Mommy went off to South Africa for a business trip and she's very busy ignoring me!

So I keep hoping mom would get the whole "work" thing figured out soon or I'm going on strike.

So I tried the sad look...

The I will ignore you look..

The grumpy look...

wah.. don't leave me!!!

Mommy will be gone for a whole week! I hope she won't exchange me for a lion...

Monday, October 1, 2007

The verdict?

I asked the Judge a.k.a. Dad for another hearing..

Hello my pals!
I humbly approached the judge a.k.a. dad bringing only a piece of paper.

Judge (Dad): what is this?
Toffee: this is a petition from my friends initiated by my bestest buddy Huskee Boy
Judge (Dad): so this Huskee Boy and your furrends made a petition to release you from jail?
Toffee: yes your Judgeship
Judge (Dad): (scans the document) do you think I'll pardon you because of this?
Toffee: uhm... yes?
Judge (Dad): what if I don't?
Toffee: my furrends will rescue me and organise for a massive breakout.
Judge (Dad):............
Toffee: and it won't look good for your image if that happens right?
Judge (Dad): are you threatening me?
Toffee: uhm... yes?
Judge (Dad): oh.. uhm... okay.. I will release you from jail..
Here is me when I got out of jail.. I'm still okay.. but I think I really looked like an ex-convict now..
Don't worry.. I'm still the same lovable Toffee..
I'll have more blogs to catch up on!
I miss you my furrends~!