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Saturday, November 24, 2007

My 1st Grooming Session

Hello pals!

I keep on apologizing for not being able to blog. I'm very happy that everypawdy still remember's me.

I had my 1st grooming session. I think it's alot of torture for a hefty amount of money

Here I am at the grooming table (punishing area)


Are those my hair? careful with that scissor!

After the cutting.. a bath!

Then dry....

Voila! new Toffee look... waitaminit! After that gruelling hours of torture.. I still look the SAME!


Katherine and Pippa, said...

That looks a horrifying experience - especially if you don't think you look any different.

Poor Toffee.


Amber-Mae said...

Toffee, glad you're back!

Hmmm, you do look the same after the grooming ession but you look more like a showdog to me! I don't like to be on the grooming table either & be pulled around on it so that the groomer can dry me with those horryfying hair dryers!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie & Mitch said...

You look simply gorgeous, Toffee! Mitch and I are in total agreement on this one!

Love ya lots,
Maggie & Mitch

Mojo said...

that second photo... I can almost hear you from here! classic.


Boo said...

toffee, i can't recognise you in the final product. pls post more photos to show us or i say some evil demon kidnap toffee!

wet wet licks


Peanut said...

Oh man that looks awful. I'm sorry you have to go through that.

Anonymous said...

Toffee I'm so glad you're back - I missed you!!

You look great after your grooming - maybe the same but a bit shinier I think!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Toffee
Glad to see you back!
And I can see how much you have grown!
Sorry about your grooming session! You don't seem so happy but believe me... you look very handsome!
Have a nice day

Joe Stains said...

I am sooo glad that I have nice short hair, that looks like a whole lot of work!!! you look smashing, though!

ilovepearly said...

lol... you do look some what more even out.

Clover said...

Hi Toffee,

It sounds like you did not have fun at the groomers. Your "help" picture made me want to cry - you look sooo sad!!
I think you look really nice at the end.

Love Clover xo

Harry said...

Poor you Toffee. I hope you won't have to go back for a while.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Sparky said...

Toffee! I missed you! I'm so glad to see you're back. Ha ha ha, I like the pictures! Even if you still look the same, you're still always cuter every day. :)


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Toffee,
You are back, you are back!!
Yeah I don't like going to the groomer too, especially after he accidentally cut me during my last grooming session and made me bleed!!

Hui Min said...

oh dear you look terrified in the 2nd picture... but very cute at the same time! hee hee..

i agree, grooming is a waste of time and money if your mom can do the job just as well. but my HM is so lousy with scissors, the last time she tried giving me a haircut i became lopsided! so i guess i have to endure the torture every once in a while at the groomer's.


Luckie Girl said...

Toffeeeeeee!! I missed you!! Are you back in action now? Eh, you look really more or less the same. Please tell your pawrents the money should be better spent on TREATS *yummy*

Amber said...

HI Toffee! Glad you're back. Is nice to see new pics of you. Poor you, haircut, bath then hair dryer. You look the same and cute as ever.

Take care

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Toffee,
You look simply marvelous! The groomers did a good job on you. Have a great week!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...


Glad to have you back. We hate the grromers too. Dont understand why the hoomans are paying so much money to get us tortured.

But you turn out looking great thou.

Boy n Baby

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Hee Toffee. you're still cute. Maybe you'll look different after your 2nd grooming session

~ Girl girl

Simba said...

I love going to the groomers, but don't tell anyone.

Simba xx

Pacco de Mongrel said...


u must be exhausted with all the standing...

4xBs said...

Hi Toffee,
yeah, for a haircut, it doesn't look much shorter. your hair is still really long. we get used to being groomed. our mom does it at home - every 4 - 6 weeks for each one of us. it's too expensive and she would rather do it herself and then we aren't quite as tortured.


Prince said...

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Sorry I also dont want this happen :) I been tag by others also :p

Hammer said...

Hi Toffee
You look bootiful after your grooming session. Mum grooms us which I don't think is as horrifying as going to a grooming clinic. I've missed you.
Love from Hammer

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Awesome, Pawsome, but just glad I dont have to go thru that treatment!

love and late licks, Marvin xxxx

Spencer said...

Wow, that's waaay more than I have top endure. You look very nice though I don't know about the bun thing, BOL!

Balboa & Mommy said...

HOW Dare your parents put you through that torture, If I was there I'd help you..

Frenchie SNorts

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh Toffee... I am sorry that you were abused in the way you were. Also, to come out looking like you went in AND to have to withstand all of that, it just is not fair!

T-man said...

Ooh, you brought a camera into the grooming chamber of horrors? I'm glad someone documented this terrible event. Though you came out of it looking pretty great, I think!

Stanley said...

Toffee Bud!

Sorry about all that nonsense for nothing! At least you weren't injured in the process.

My hooman girl grooms me herself, and it's not too bad... definitely better than having the strangers hack away at me with their scissors.

At least we can still recognize you.

Welcome back, buddy.

Goober love,