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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Simba Bear! the link..

Hello my furrends.. I posted a silly thing and it didn't show as current.

So please follow this link to see my post.

Simba Bear!

Hope this made you smile..

I managed to get my hacked connections back at home. It seems that youtube is working there and not at Mommy's office (hmm.. I wonder why). So I got to upload my videos.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

A Tribute to our pal.. Oscar (You will always be remembered)

This is to pay tribute to our bestest friend Oscar, who passed away 11 am July 28. 2007.

O - bedient
S - weet
C - aring
A - wesome
R - ockin

He's such a great friend to all of us. Things that I'll always cherish with Oscar:

1. He's always in a good mood.

2. He makes us laugh with all his crazy antics.

3. He awed us with all his awards. I am sooo wowfed by his talents!

4. He always takes time to visit us and cheer us up with his words.
5. He always thought of fun things (remember the guessing game).

6. He's the bestest pal anypawdy can ever have.

Oscar, I hope that you'll be happy over there in the rainbow bridge.. our love and prayers will be with you, your mom and dad (Katie and Martin).

Run free.. our beloved pal... Godspeed..
Toffee, Mom (Irvi), and Dad (Chris)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I'm a Rockin Blogger!

I'm trying to find some video uploader which is not blocked/banned here in U.A.E. I have some funny videos I wanna share with my photos.

While I'm looking for a capable video uploader.. I remembered an important award!

Jazz and Dixie presented me with a Rockin Dog Blogger Award!
I'm so happy! Thank you so much girls!!! You rock too!
I'm not sure who else has not been awarded so I award this to everypawdy!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

My Pressie.. from Boy and Baby

The most amazing thing happened...

I got a pressie!

From Boy and Baby all the way from Singapore! look at all those stamps!

I think I can smell them!

Could you please stop with the pictures and help me open this..

Here's a nice note from Boy and Baby!
So.. it's a DINO CUZ! Sniff sniff.. it smells really yummy
oooooohhhhhhhhhhh... DINO CUZ!

Is this really for me??? only for me??

Wowf! I'm placing this piece of treasure with my favoritest toys in my bed!
So.. Mr. Dino Cuz.. How is Boy and Baby? Did you have a good travel? I hope you'll like my company..
choooommppphhh.... THHWAAANNNKK YOOOUUU BOY and BABY!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

My 1st beach day! (or night)

Hello my furrends..

I'm sorry I wasn't able to make any updates last week. There's something wrong with the laptop. Probably because my pawrents have been hacking the internet connection and now there's no connection to hack anymore.. =(

I will be posting some videos maybe on my later post. I'll probably look for another video share since I'm having problems with youtube.

I went to the beach last Friday evening! Because it's a bit cooler at night and my pawrents are very keen to see if I'll like it..

Here I am all ready for a day at the beach! I'm looking very smug!
Then on the way.. I fell asleep on daddy's lap..
We reached the beach at 6:30 p.m.
OOoooohhhh.. the beach..Let me take a closer look.. that's Daddy's legs.. he's carrying our beach mat..
Ptoooey! I think I got sand on my face!Now.. for a swim.. I'm coming after you Daddy...

Hey!!! everypawdy was amazed.. lookie me, I'm swimming!

And swimming... I'm like a fish!

I think I have enough.. time to get out of the water..

Now I'm all wet!
Are we going home now?
After drying me up... we now head for home! Can we go to the beach again????

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Simba Baby Bear!

I found a new toy! A SIMBA Bear toy!

If you kinda look closer to the tag..


I didn't know you have a baby, Simba.. he looks different from you..

I like my new toy..

I'm keeping a lookout on anyone who want to get my Simba.. I'm hearing whispering of some plans of taking him away.. (me think I'll be a great dentist.. look at what I did to his mouth)

Lookie at Mommy's paws tryin to get my Simba bear.. I showed her who's boss

Mean mean Daddy took my toy.. I'm trying to grab it! See mean mean Daddy's big paws!

Did you hear the rattles? But I did get mean mean Daddy in the end..

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rockin' Guy Blogger!!!

Lorenza has awarded us kewl guys the "Rockin' Guy Blogger"!

Yeah! uhhh... WHY AM I STILL WEARING THAT KNOT????!!!!

I then award this to our other kewl guy furrends!

Benjamin, Billy, Boo, Oscar, Butchy, Chance-alot, Orson, Ricky, River, Simba, Sherman, Tofu, Triple B, Tad, Spencer, Joe, and Sparky!

You guys the bestest....

Monday, July 9, 2007

My Smiles!!!

Precious tagged me to show my smile!

I smile when....

1. They take me out.. yey!

2. When I'm called "Good Toffee"
3. When I'm offered papples! and doggy biscuits.. yum yum..

4. And when I read my furrend's posts! hehehe!

Now.. lemme see.. who's not been tagged yet?

I tag Huskee, Boy and Baby and Luckie and Ricky! Show some SMILE!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

grrr... Mommy is now doing to me what I feared mostest!

A Top knot! Look at my expression.. do I look happy??? huh?? huh???
I keep sticking out my tongue in pawtest! (Toffee's mum: I think you mean protest?)

Yeah.. whatever.. bleah!

I'm still sticking my tongue out anyway! blpppht!

Pwease pwease pwease talk some sense over my pawrents! I look so remorseful.. or should I say spiteful??

I'm taking a vote! is my top knot a NOT??? beeee vewy careful...

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Aunt Lou's Kitty (Bruno)

Hi my furrends!

I would like to dedicate this post to my Aunt Lou's Kitty Bruno who has just started his own bloggie!

I haven't met him yet. My Mommy's Little Sister (Shobe Lou) is Bruno's mom. That's her holding Bruno.. Can't wait to meet my Aunt too!
I know I had some predicament over the cats here but since they have shown me Bruno's photos I think we'll get along fine (I hope..).

Look at him! He sent his pawto-graph..
Isn't he just paw-fect?

I would wuv to meet him once my pawrents head back to their hometown. Auntie says he's very mischievous..
I hope he likes me.. and not use me as scratching post..
Do you know any kitty who blogs too? So Bruno can have his own furrends!
Do visit his newly blog and drop him a note: Bruno

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

My back fur fur...

Boy and Baby wanted me to post some pictures showing my back fur fur..

here goes..

this is when I decided that wires are yummy.. oh here's one..

Here's me trying to stretch..

I'm trying to sleep here....! Do you mind? (oh! that blue toy is my favoritest squeaky!)Hope you like it!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

JW Marriot Hotel (my 1stest Hotel Visit)

My 1st hotel visit! Me, mum, dad, grandpawrents and others went for a lunch-dinner at JW Marriott in Deira Dubai. Park-ing.. is this what I'm reading about.. maybe a visit to the park!

Hmm... a 5-star.. is this a rating? I give it 1-star... since I don't get to eat here.
Here I am in my cawwier..
Let me out so I could roam the pwace!
Wow-f! lookie at the foodie! too bad I'm not allowed to eat these..
Kitties would wuv these..
Oyster!.. ewwwww... snails (right side)
Lookie at Daddy.. can't figure out what to get..Desserts! these are the bestest!
Hey I found fishies...
lotsa fishies..aaaaaaaaahhh..... scawie! What is this??????????????????He looks vewy meanie! I got scawed!