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Thursday, June 28, 2007

My 1st Bathie...amongst the next many..

Help me!!! I don't want bathie!!! helf helf! I demand to speak with my lawyer before I'm prosecuted... noooooooo... I'm innocent!!!!

What am I doing here? Is this what they call jail? I demand 7-course meals on my stay here..

What the... water???? I'm telling you.. this is torture! After 1 hour of gruelling punishment..

Sniff sniff.. is that me? hmmmm! I smell nice.. But look awful!

I thought that was over.. or is it? Drying off and the brushing is alot worse!Let me dry myself..

Are you telling me it's still not over?*sigh* is this in exchange for my being sooo cute or the biting of the wires or the fact that you're taking me out and I have to smell nicey for the hoomans?

(Toffee's Dad: He's exaggerating.. he's very calm during the bath and he looks like he's enjoying it.. got a bit frisky during the brushing part).


triple Bs said...

Hey Toffee, you will get used to baths. take it from us poodle boys. baths can be okay and you get lots of nice rubs all over your body with the towell when they try to dry you off. then you get lots of loves and attentions because your hair is so soft and you smell so good. so it's worth it.

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, you look very cute all wet. Did you rub on mum and dad and the furniture to get dry? That's the best bit about baths!

Oscar x

Simba said...

did they attack you with the hot air drying thingy?

Simba xx

Boo said...


your wet look is similar to simba when he was so much younger - both so cute!

you could be my *ahem* boyfriend after simba.

i hope you didn't get the hair dryer treatment.

wet wet licks


Amber-Mae said...

Oh poor you! You know, I go through this horrible treatment every week too... But now, luckily mommy changed our bathing times to once every two weeks coz she said it's a back breaking job to bathe all us three in one day & it usually takes 3 hours to finish(inclusive of teeth brushing, hair drying & grooming. Nail cutting & ear cleaning is done the day before) So lucky ME!!!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer
So9lid Gold Dancer

Jazz and Dixie said...

Hi Toffee
Congrats on your first bath! We hate them but love the drying part as long as its with a towel. I bet you looked and smelt great after that.
Jazz and Dixie

Frasypoo said...

I just act like I am frozen stiff!!
The faster it is done with the better!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Toffee.
Better get used to baths because believe me.... they will happen very often.
With them we smell nice and we enjoy the dry part because we get rubbed! I like that. I like the whole process!
Have a nice day

Suki said...

It's ok, Toffee, baths are pretty rockin', actually! You'll like them in time :)

Puggy kisses

Maggie said...

The actual bath part is the worst but the towel drying isn't so bad! Did you really think so? You do get lots of hugs and kisses cause you smell so good afterwards! Baths will happen for the rest of our lives! We have to try and say positive stuff about them, right?

Love ya lots,

Toby said...

Oh no Toffee!! I see you are being tortured!! My Mom does that to me too!! And I HATE it!!

Let me tell you a lil' secret... the baths NEVER end!!! Next time you see if coming, HIDE!!!!


Peanut said...

Uh yuck a bath. Yuck yuck yuck