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Monday, June 25, 2007

Toffee's Sicky today.. (26-JUN-07)

Hi! This is Irvi (Toffee's Mom)!

Toffee was supposed to tell about his long overdue weekend escapade but he got sick yesterday evening.

Actually, I was home that time in the evening and he is his usual frisky self.. hanging with me.. following me around.. he was sort of hacking at one point but I thought it's because he's sneezing.

Toffee's Dad (Chris) came home a bit late and I told him about it. We watched him like a hawk over the whole evening (but no hacking was observed) and slept.

In the morning, I saw he had two spots on his bed.. I know it's not the pee as it has sort of solid in it and I told Chris to take him to the vet.

I went off to work and got a call from Chris that Toffee had hacked and vomited twice while he's at home and had brought Toffee with him to the vet.

Chris said maybe it had something to do about the bath. We bathed him twice. Once the last weekend and yesterday because we placed him in a pen on our hall and he had ran over his peepee pad so he got a bit stinky which we decided to give him a bath again and take him inside the room.

I do hope he's okay and We're really very worried about him.

~ Irvi (Toffee's Mum)


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Irvi,
Oh I am so sorry to hear that little Toffee is sick! I doubt it's got anything to do with the bath.. could he have eaten something he shouldn't have?? Did you find anything unusal in his vomit? Is he eating/ drinking now? (Sorry for all the questions.. mom made me ask them.. she understands how worried you must be cos she is the same!)
Hope that our little Toffee feels better soon!

Boo said...

hello toffee's mom. don't get too worry for the moment. i can sense your symptoms - first time mother disease! heheh. that happen to my mom a lot! i really mean A LOT!

i don't think the bath will make little toffee vomit. if the vomit is yellowish liquid, it could just be stomach acid which happens once in a while to me too.

hope little toffee update soon to let us know what happen to him. in the mean time, mommy don't worry okay!

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

We're sending major AireZen your way Toffee! I hope you feel better real soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Oscar Airedale said...

Oh Toffee, hope you're feeling better. As Huskee and Boo said, sometimes we eat things that don't agree with us and what goes in has to come out, right?

Oscar x

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We hope toffee is better now. Monitor him. Like what Boo said, if it is yellow liquid, it will be stomach acid. Do let us know ok.

Boy n Baby

ToFFee said...

Hi! Thanks for your messages!

Toffee only eats his dry kibbles. Aside from that, I give him apples.. and water (bottled)

In the morning, I saw a sort of solid.. Chris told me he had vomitted yellow liquid. So that's stomach acid? but there's a solid too before. I'm not sure if he had drank or ate anything since this morning.

I just noticed he loves to drink water. it seems he's having more than usual and he seems to be very thirsty (maybe it's the warm weather).

What do I do if there's stomach acid? Should he take sugar (honey) or just plain water? how about the food?

I'll check him out later. He's at the vet now. But I'm feeling much better knowing it's a common thing.

I'll go directly to the vet after work so I'll get more info.

Thanks again and hope Toffee would feel better to make a post tomorrow.

~Irvi (Toffee's Mum)

Bella said...

Toffee darling we hope you are much better real soon - post asap to let us know.

Ferndoggle said...

It's scary when our little furry ones get sick. Penny had a stomach bug a couple of weeks ago and couldn't hold even water down.

I hope Toffee is feeling better soon. I'm sure you feel better now that he's at the Vet.


Ume said...

oh no...
hi Toffee's Mom, is Toffee feeling better?
this happened to me too.
hope Toffee feels well enough to post soon...

Peanut said...

Oh we will be thinking of little toffee and checking back to find out how he is doing

Simba said...

Poor little Toffee, I hope you are ok. Nose licks.

Simba xx

ROSSI said...

our well wishes to little toffee...hope he gets well soon..

my mummy truly understand your feeling now.. she has gone through the agony n worries.. try to relax n talk to the vet.. hope is nothing serious...

Golden Rossi

jaffeboy said...

Get well soon ok. Rest up & party later!

Frasypoo said...

It is scary when our lil babies get sick,especially when they cant atlk and tell us what hurts.Well,in my short experience dogs eat a lot of things so dont worry,the vet should be able to help you and please give Toffee a kiss from Frasier
Joyce-Frasiers mom

Tadpole said...

Hey Irvi! Sorry to hear about Toffee, the poor thing! I also doubt if it's the bath... more likely something he snuck and ate without you knowing (ahem... TAD) or else a stomach bug. Hopefully you'll get good news from the vet! Please keep up updated!

~Tad's girl

Sitka and Tia's BLAWG! said...

Oh no Toffee....

What did the vet say? I am so sorry that you are sick. It is not fun to be sick like that. Get well cutie!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Toffe's mom.
My mom also thinks that it could be stomach acid. That solid thing could be a piece of apple he couldn't digest. Of course the best opinion should come from his vet. I hope everything is ok. Please don't worry, sure Toffee will be fine pretty soon! Let us know please.
Have a good night

fee said...

hey toffee, get well soon! a little vomiting every now and then is quite alright; i threw up a whole big furball just a few days ago too!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh Toffee! What happened? Poor you... I hope you'll get well soon dear. Hugs & kisses on your way.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer