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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Night before my 1st Weekend.. (14-JUN-07)

I got invited to this Hooman party.. it's for a christening of house. Did you ever heard of such thing???
Here I am in my carrier..
Huh???.. there is not even one doggie in this bunch! I didn't met ANY cute doggie or hamsters or cat or anyone not hooman..

They kinda scare me.. so I stick to Mommy and Daddy the whole time. That's Daddy's wrist!
waaaaaaaaah.. hands keep pawing me! make it stop!
I think I like my bed better... Now I'm getting bored...

Finally, we're heading home... this is my 1st Hooman party.. overall. this is what I think!Priceless!
Wuffs! Toffee


Boo said...


congratulations on making your first hooman pawty. aren't those good when u get petted and food drops from the table.. or even from their hands?? lol

btw, do u need help on adding links to your sidebar? i can help. just ask.

wet wet licks

Boo (

ToFFee said...

Hi Boo!

Hoomans wouldn't give me food! just petting and petting!

I don't like the smell of their hands! I think they're drinking sumething.. I keep sneezing!

it's such a traumatic experience.. sniff sniff!

you should have seen mommy and daddy trying to defend me!

I would really appreciate help on the side links. So I could easily click for my new pawends!

Thanks Boo!