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Monday, June 11, 2007

TOFFEE... DAY 1 (11-JUN-07)

I'm Toffee!

Something about me:
BARKDAY : 17-Feb-07 (now I'm almost 4 months)
BIO DAD : Zanadu Jojo
BIO MOM : Zanadu Beauty
VACCINE : 17-May-07
NEXT VET VISIT: 17-May-08 (3 months after my
1st barkday)

This is my first night with Daddy and Mommy!

I'm very bushed from the ride home. Mommy placed me on her lap the whole ride while Daddy drives. I fell asleep.. during the ride..

Mommy carried me in my carrier. The first thing I saw is this fat Tabby cat outside the building. He looks really nasty.. *shudders*

We went up the elevator.. to the 2nd floor..

My new home! 205! Wonder if it's nice inside....

Hmm... the first thing I saw in my new home is my new bed! Wow! love all the paw prints. I should try this out!
I just love my new bed! Gonna lie down and bask it all in....

Hmmmm.. can I stay in this big bed instead???? puh-leeeaassssee....

okay.. I'll stick with my new bed! as long as I have my toys with me...

Nighty night!!! don't let the bed bugs bite....


Simba said...

Go for the human bed, there is more room. What sort of doggie are you Toffee? You are very cute.

Simba xxx

Boo said...

hello cutie pie toffee.

i have added your barkday to the event calendar as requested. you are such a cutie pie.

are you a girl or a boy? where are you living?? in singapore or malaysia or any other countries??

come and say hi and know my friends. they are all nice nice just like me!

i know we gonna be good friends coz we are both as cute as any dogs!

wet wet licks

Boo (

Boo said...

oops! MY simba was here... i was about to ask the same question too. what sort of doggie are you? are you a lhasa apso or shizoo??

wet wet licks


ToFFee said...

Hi Simba and Boo!

Wowf! I'm happy to have new friends!

I'm a male shih tzu living in Dubai. I'm about 4 months old.

My mum just came back from work..

I'm still trying to figure my parent's work schedule so once they're at work.. the bed will be ALL MINE!!!!! (sort of figuring out as well how to take a jump to get there.. I'm so fat)



Boo said...


simba is a lhasa apso and i'm a shih tzu mixed pekingese.

i hope you don't get accident on the human's bed. if not... not sure if she will let you sleep on it anymore. hehe.

wet wet licks


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Toffee,
I cahnced abt your comment on Simba's blog and decided to come by to pay you a visit! My mom thinks you are soooooo adorable and looked like me when I was a pup cos our markings and color is quite similar! I am a MalteseXShih-Tzu..
I will come by and visit you!

Tail wags,
Huskee Boy

Lorenza said...

Hi, Toffee.
Nice to meet you. I saw you comment in Boo's blog and wanted to come and say Hello.
I hope we can be friends!
Have a nice day

ToFFee said...


Thanks for pawing by!

I love my new pawends!

Everypawdy has been very nice!!!

I think everypawdy is very cute! must be due to the love of mommies and daddies!

Mommy and Daddy and me send hugs and kisses!!!


Snowy & Crystal said...

you are such a cutie pie Toffee :)

we are glad to meet you.

I am Snowy a 3 years old maltese. My sister is Crystal (she is only 6 months old) we are spoiled roten, living in Dubai as well hehe

woofs and puppy arfs,

Snowy and Crystal